Small Business Payroll Services

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Trying to do your own payroll is a challenge. It does not generate revenue and if you mess it up, it costs you money. Even worse, if you pick the wrong payroll service provider, you will pay to speak to someone in a call center and use payroll software that was built in the 80’s.

Thankfully, there is a better way….

ERG Small Business Payroll Services Help You Save Time and Remove Liability.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to growing profits as you spend more time on your business, rather than in it.

“We are a very small business but have always been treated like a million dollar client.”

Robin F., 1012 Holdings

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Online Payroll Service

  • Process payroll from any computer, any browser, anywhere, Take payroll with you wherever you go.

  • Go completely paperless with direct deposit, employee self-service, and online reporting. Save money and the environment.

  • Remove the liability of processing your own payroll by letting us pay and file your taxes. Rest easier at night.

  • Remove steps from your current process with our 4-click payroll saving you time and making your life easier.

  • Focus on growth. We can do your payroll in all 50 states and our secure technology is used by over 75k companies nationwide.

  • Get to know your dedicated support partner who makes sure it all runs smooth. Don’t dial into call centers and become just another number.

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