Benefits Administration

Online benefit administration will make your life easier and help you maintain compliance with the ACA.

Our online benefit administration system and ACA Compliance Package gives both you and your employees easy access to your benefits information. Your employees can complete the benefits enrollment process online from start to finish. You will have your own fully integrated payroll and benefits system in the same database.

“I would highly recommend partnering with ERG. The payroll, HRIS system, and job applicant tracking systems are convenient, security safe, and a complete and simple solution for our company needs. All systems are easy to use and deliver a professional image to our employees at an affordable price.”

Pam Cody, Rhythmlink International


You will have access to the following reports to help you maintain compliance with ease:

  • ALE Reporting

    Determine if you are an applicable large employer by evaluating your number of FT and PT employees.

  • ACA Eligibility Analysis Report

    This report makes it easy for you to determine which employees are eligible. The report filters the measurement period, stability period, and date of hire for you.

  • Inactive Employee Report

    This report will help you to know who you do not need to pay for.

  • ACA Rule of Parity Report

    This final report can help you determine which employees require healthcare based on their length of service.

  • 1094 and 1095 Reporting

    We can do your 1094B, 1094C, 1095B, and 1095C reports for your company. Why learn how to do this when we can handle it for you?

Integrated Payroll & Benefits

We can help you to manage your benefits administration and payroll with ease. Add one of our HR outsourcing solutions and we can guide the whole process.

Let’s face it, you do not need to waste your time learning about things that might not be around in five years. Let us handle it, and you focus on growing your company.

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