South Carolina Requires Lactation Breaks

The South Carolina Lactation Support Act, effective July 25, 2020, requires employers to provide employees with reasonable lactation breaks and prohibits discrimination against employees for taking lactation breaks.

The new South Carolina Lactation Law says that employers are also required to make reasonable efforts to provide a private space, other than a bathroom, where a lactating employee can express breast milk at work. These accommodations were already required by federal law; however, federal law only applies for the first year after the birth of the child. The South Carolina lactation law does not limit the duration of accommodations.

Employers can request that the employee use their regular breaks for lactation breaks, but if an employee cannot do so or needs more time, they are entitled to additional lactation breaks, which can be unpaid.

It is important to update your employee handbook to reflect this new law.

Contact our HR Guides regarding questions about the new SC law and how to best implement lactation breaks for your employees.

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