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See below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions!


Payroll Portal

Online Time Clock

Expectations for Payroll

See the below expectations for payroll processing and timekeeping.

  • Timecard Approvals

    Timecard approvals are due every other Monday by noon for hourly employees. Not sure how to approve timecards? Check out this Knowledge Base article: Approving Timecards

  • Payroll Updates

    All payroll updates are due four business days prior to the upcoming pay date. If they are received after that time, the update will appear on the following payroll.

  • Onboarding

    Here is a quick overview of the onboarding process:

    • Request a Background Check (if applicable)
      • Make the request for onboarding (see above)
      • As the manager, you are responsible for completing the employer section of the I9 form, uploading the ID’s and approving.

    When a new hire completes onboarding and the I9 is approved, they will be in time and payroll after 24 hours. If, after 24 hours you don’t see the person, please let us know.


Check out these resources to make your life easier!

  • Employee Self Service (Timekeeping)

    Check out this quick three minute video for an overview of the employee self service in timekeeping. This video will show you how to clock in and out online, request time off, and access your balances amongst other things.


  • Manager Training (Timekeeping)

    Manager Training Video (15 Minutes): VIDEO

  • Employee Handbook

    Review your Employee Handbook HERE