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How To Plan a Virtual Office Holiday Party

Holiday office parties are a time-honored tradition in businesses around the world, and for good reason. They’re opportunities for teams to laugh, connect, and make fun memories together. They’re also a way for companies to show their appreciation for the effort and achievements of their employees. Are you lost for [...]

Hiring Mistakes Small Businesses Make | HR. Simplified.

    About The Guest Of HR. Simplified: Podcast for Small Business James Hornick is passionate about helping talented people and great companies find each other. He is a 15-year veteran of the recruiting industry and partner at the firm Hirewell, an agency that was voted one of Chicago’s 101 [...]

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Leading During a Pandemic

No one knows what the workplace is going to look like in three months. COVID-19 continues to spread. School reopening and attendance plans remain tenuous. Further action from Congress is uncertain. Official rules from the Department of Labor might even be struck down in court, further adding to the confusion [...]

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How to Build an Employer Branding Strategy

Recruiting can be hard when nobody knows who you are. People that blindly apply to your jobs could work out but it is less likely. What if you could attract top talent to your company? What if people knew about your culture before they applied and were watching your job [...]

How to Increase Diversity in Your Recruiting and Hiring Process

How to Add Diversity when Hiring New Employees The recruiting and hiring process is supposed to select the best candidates while deterring unqualified job seekers from applying or advancing. All too often, however, the process creates obstacles or disadvantages for qualified candidates due to their membership in a protected class. [...]

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Payroll Tax Deferral Executive Order: What it Means for Your Business

Payroll Tax Deferral Executive Order There has been a lot of talk around what would be the next economic stimulus package to get approved. While many initiatives seem to be stalled on the floor, President Trump took matters into his own hands over the weekend. President Trump signed an Executive [...]

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