New Hire Onboarding in South Carolina

When onboarding a new hire in South Carolina you should have two main objectives in mind.

  1. Making sure you are HR compliant by doing everything by the book.
  2. Create a seamless process to help reduce employee turnover.

This is your complete guide to new hire onboarding in South Carolina. All forms and documents are included in the SC New Hire Packet, which can be downloaded here.SC New Hire Packet has all the forms to onboard new employees

Federal New Hire Documentation

These are the forms and documents that all employers must complete in the United States. This includes the I-9 and W-4 forms. These are for eligibility to work in the U.S. and tax withholding for federal income tax to the IRS.

South Carolina New Hire Documentation

Each state has additional requirements when onboarding new hires. South Carolina requires the SC New Hire Reporting Form as well as SC Payment of Wages.

To get the federal and South Carolina new hire forms – click here.

Onboard new hires in SC with this packet




Contact our HR Guides for any questions on how to onboard a new hire in South Carolina.