South Carolina Unemployment Status

With unemployment rates skyrocketing and making an impact on the state’s economy, unemployment claims are stacking up and keeping individuals awaiting approval.

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Going from the lowest unemployment rate in the state’s history to the highest within a week, the Department of Employment and Workforce is actively working to monitor the situation and get through all the pending employment claims.

With the understanding that you need this unemployment to live, the best thing you can do is be patient and know that the state is working actively to get your claim approved.

It is recommended that you check the DEW website first before calling, most of your questions can be answered on there without the wait. The call centers are actively working to keep wait times as short as possible but with the sudden influx be prepared to wait.

South Carolina Unemployment Status

Many individuals are having questions regarding their status on their claims. Please see the detailed explanations below.

How long will it take to process my claim and get paid?
Due to volume of claims, please allow up to 21 days to process your claim; however, if you are deemed eligible your benefits will be paid retroactively to the week you filed your claim.

What does “Issues Delaying Payment” mean?
When you initially file your claim, and it is being processed by staff, you will see an “Issues Delaying Payment” banner listed on the Claimant Homepage of your portal – this is standard.

What does “Pending Resolution” mean?
If you see a “Pending Resolution” issue, you do not need to do anything additional at this time.

What does “SSA Validation” mean?
If you see a “SSA Validation” issue in this section, do not worry, this will resolve itself automatically.

What if I get a notification that my payment has been stopped or delayed?
If you received a mailer or notice in your portal that benefits have been stopped due to a need for additional information, please go to the Claimant Homepage and look in the “Issues Delaying Payment” section.

If there is a link there that you can click on, then do so and complete any questions you see there. This will satisfy the request outlined in the notice you received. If staff have any additional questions for you, they will reach out to you.

If there is not a link there to click on, then staff have already taken care of the request based off the answers you provided on your application for benefits.

If this section is blank, then all issues have been resolved and you need to check your MyDocuments tab to see what mailers were most recently mailed out. This will give you your most up to date status.

Unemployment Questions

When does the applicant expect to return to work?

Many people have been asking how to answer this question correctly. We are facing a pandemic and no one knows exactly when businesses will begin to reopen. Simply put your best guest, it will not impact your claim.

Have questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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