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Why partner with ERG?

Your clients deserve the best you can provide. Whether you are a CPA, insurance broker, or HR consultant you can have access to your own payroll department for you and your clients.

You can refer business to ERG or process payrolls yourself with your own custom dashboard. You can expect to increase customer satisfaction, retain your clients, and grow your practice.

Grow Your CPA Practice

Why let other companies take in the revenue that you could bring to your firm. You can offer business payroll services and HR outsourcing at a great rate and make money in the process, or refer the payroll services to our team and earn a commission. Whatever is best for you.

Retain Your Clients

Your clients are looking to you as a trusted business advisor. Why not give them a solution you know you can trust. One that is run by you. You will not only be able to offer them the payroll solutions they need, but a full suite of HR solutions.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Our payroll platform hosts more than 75,000 companies nationwide. You will be offering one of the best payroll platforms on the market. Both you and your clients will have access to a dedicated payroll specialist to serve your needs.

Make payroll simple for you and your clients with CPA payroll services.

Dedicated payroll specialist: You will have your own dedicated payroll concierge to provide you with the high level of service clients of the ERG Family have come to expect.

Centralized dashboard: You will have a central view of all of your clients from a single login. Your dashboard will give you a bird’s eye view of your client activity.

Paperless payroll: Neither you, nor your clients will have to print checks or tax vouchers again. We handle all direct deposit and tax movement electronically, and on-time.

Payroll general ledger interface: Stop waiting on your clients to post their entries to the GL. Our payroll General Ledger interface will move all transactions to the appropriate accounts automatically after each pay period.

Payroll compliance assurance: We will pay and file your client’s state, local, and federal taxes on-time and in any state. We handle all payroll compliance.

Free CPA payroll: Once you reach five clients, you receive free CPA payroll for your firm.


“ERG Made the start up of our new business much easier by taking away the stress that is typically associated with payroll responsibilities.”

Robin F., 1012 Holdings

“ERG has helped us more than we had even initially hoped. They have really been the payroll/HR dream come true.”

Sarah McCants, Royal Greens

“I would highly recommend partnering with ERG… All systems are easy to use and deliver a professional image to our employees at an affordable price.”

Pam Cody, Rhythmlink International

A Partnership Program Built for You

Want to process payroll for your clients and generate extra revenue? This is the program for you.

Make your clients life easier and yours by using ERG as your back-end solution.

  • Tax Processing

    You don’t need to learn how to do quarterlies or how to file out-of-state taxes. Our tax department takes on all of the work for you.

  • Full Service Implementation

    You won’t get caught up in the busy work of implementing your payroll clients. Our team will handle the implementation and onboarding process for you.

  • General Ledger Interface

    You can ensure that your clients have accurate entries by assisting with the setup of the General Ledger Interface.

  • Dedicated Support Partner

    Your firm will have your own dedicated support partner for all of your accounts. They will get to know you and you will know them.

  • Free Payroll for Your Firm

    Once you reach five clients, your payroll is free*.

    *Free payroll applies to firms with up to fifty employees, otherwise a discount of the same value will be applied to your payroll processing.

The Referral Program That Pays:

You don’t want to process payroll for your clients? That is no problem. Refer your client to ERG and we will provide them with our concierge support and treat them just as well as you do.

Once your client ”goes live” as a partner with ERG, you will get the following reward:

Annual Revenue* Reward
$1-5,000 $100
$5,001-10,000 $250
$10,001-25,000 $500
$25,000+ $1,000

*Annual revenue is the calculated annual processing fees for the client. This includes all services the client utilizes from ERG including all HR support services. This calculation does not include year-end W2 investment or any setup investment.