Free HR Forms: Reporting Code Guide for Form 1095-C

Simplify the process with this simple guide.

Reporting Code Guide For Form 1095-CAre you struggling with the codes and how to complete Form 1095-C?

This handy guide will give you a simple breakdown of the following lines and the applicable codes to save you time and resources when trying to maintain compliance with ACA reporting.

  • Part II Line 14: What Medical Benefit Did You Offer the Employee?
  • Part II Line 15: How much did the offer cost the employee?
  • Part II Line 16: What did the employee do when the offer was made OR why did you fail to make the offer?

Use this great guide along with the video here and you can easily complete form 1095-C without using form 1095-c software. If you need help, we complete and file these forms for all of our clients that use our payroll or HR software.

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