How to Onboard More Effectively
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Learn how an effective employee onboarding program will boost your employee’s morale and productivity. Join Matt Vaadi, owner of ERG Payroll & HR and creator of CovertHR, for a live demo of our employee onboarding solution.
We will share how to use onboarding software to accomplish your goals.

You‘ll learn:

  • How to create lists that will save you a ton of time
  • How to take the paper out of the new hire process
  • How to increase your employee retention and engagement
  • Specific best practices for getting new hires up to speed faster

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This webinar takes place the first Thursday of every month at 1pm EST.

About the Speaker

Matt Vaadi is a bona fide HR nerd. He has worked in HR since 2003, which is pretty much the stone ages. His HR experience has ranged from frontline management of 50 employees to consulting organizations in the Fortune 500, as well as speaking at various events. He has interviewed and hired thousands of people in his diverse career. He now serves as president at ERG Payroll & HR, an HR support firm in Columbia, SC.

What people have said about previous webinars:

“He was an excellent, well-informed presenter. At first I didn’t think he would cover enough in the hour but he did a great wrap-up; answered questions with a little overtime.”

“Great webinar. Very well-versed presenter. Please keep me on your webinar list!”

“I thought that the presenter did a great job and was extremely informative. The quality of the information actually surpassed my expectations. It was one of the better webinars that I have attended.”