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Engage your new hires. Save time and money.

Improve Productivity

The employee onboarding process is proven to impact the productivity, engagement, and retention of new employees.

Increase Engagement

Improve employee engagement by sending ongoing employee surveys that measure engagement and give you instant feedback.

Decrease Turnover

Your employees know in the first ten days if they will be looking for a new job in the next 18 months. Create a great first impression.

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  • Electronic Signature

    When we say paperless onboarding, we mean it. Electronically sign all documents online.

  • Employee Export

    Export all your new hire information to import into your payroll or integrate with ERG Payroll.

  • Custom Forms and Docs

    We can turn your documents into custom forms and allow your team members to esign them.

  • Employee Goal Setting

    Create goals and perform employee assessments from your online dashboard.

  • Paperless W4 and I9

    Your federal documents are already loaded and ready for your new hires.

  • Paperless Employee Files

    You can add notes, attach files, and store all of your employee info in one place. CovertHR goes far beyond the onboarding process.

How Employee Onboarding Software will help you focus on growing your business:

“Organizations with a formal Onboarding process receive 60% Greater year over year Improvement in revenue per FTE.”
– Aberdeen Group

Engage. Retain. Grow.

ERG’s employee onboarding software will help you reduce paperwork and engage employees sooner. When you engage employees sooner, you can increase employee retention and have a more productive workforce. Use the employee onboarding checklist template and the features below.

  • New Hire Portal
  • Online Signature for W4, I9, and Handbook
  • Custom Offer Letters
  • Announcements
  • Online Document Storage
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Employee File Management
  • Task Lists for New Hires
  • Payroll Export

Integrate with our payroll software for a comprehensive solution.

Employee Engagement

Check out how you can make your team more productive!

Companies with a formal employee onboarding program are proven to increase productivity by 60% per FTE year-over-year.

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Want a FREE Consultation?

Sign up now and get a free no-obligation consultation from an HR Pro