Can Employers Require Employees To Obtain The Covid-19 Vaccine?

With the Covid-19 vaccine becoming available to the general public in the next few months, employers will need to be aware of the answer to this question. There are many aspects an employer must take into account if they are considering requiring their employees to obtain the Covid-19 vaccine

Let’s start by giving the short answer to this question. Yes, an employer can technically require their employees to get the Covid-19 vaccination. When considering this answer the employer does have quite a bit of important information they must examine. 

Covid-19 Vaccine Matt Vaadi and Amanda Volz discussed many of the important considerations employers need to take into account when deciding whether to require employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine.


What’s in This Episode?

Matt Vaddi and Amanda Volz discussed this hot topic that needs to be examined closely. There are many factors to take into account when deciding how to handle the Covid-19 vaccine when it pertains to the workplace.

Covered in this episode of HR.Simplified are the following topics

  • Can employers require employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine?
  • How should accommodations be addressed?
  • Potential liability & employment law of requiring employees to get the vaccine.
  • Why employers need to look at context when requiring vaccination.
  • If I require employees to get the vaccine do I need to pay for the cost of them receiving the vaccine?
  • If I require the vaccine do I need to give employees paid time off to get it?
  • Ways to incentivize employees to get the vaccine.

Watch the full episode here

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