Coronavirus Updates Webinar

**If you missed this webinar, you can get the video recording below.**

Coronavirus Updates for Employers: What you need to know this week

It has been a confusing couple of weeks for employers. We are facing unprecedented situations as it relates to employee attendance and pay. We will cover major COVID-19 updates from this week as well as a deeper discussion into SC unemployment, taxes and employee pay. Get the recorded webinar video below.

  • Coronavirus Response Act updates since 3/19/20 (new updates since our webinar last week)
  • Pay requirements for employees during this time and during any future pandemic
  • Tax deferrals
  • FMLA changes this week
  • The new payroll tax credit for Paid Sick Leave and Emergency FMLA
  • Updates to unemployment in South Carolina
  • How to file for unemployment in South Carolina for your employees
  • Managing a reduced workforce
  • Managing a remote workforce for an extended amount of time
  • Frequently asked questions from business owners across the United States
**To get the Dropbox link with COVID-19 resources referenced in the webinar email
Additional Coronavirus Resources
Contact us regarding any questions or concerns you have regarding the Coronavirus.
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