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Are Dental Hygienists Exempt?

If you misclassify your employees, not only will you owe back wages, you will also have to pay back taxes and penalties on each quarter the employee was misclassified. You could owe even more if it was proven that you intentionally misclassified the employee.   Not sure what the difference is between exempt and non-exempt? […]

How to Fire Someone with Dignity

The Bozo Explosion. It’s what Steve Jobs described when he discussed hiring “real” managers during Apple’s explosive growth phase. Jobs said that when you hire a “B” player, they will hire another “B” or “C” because they are too insecure to hire “A” players. Next thing you know, you have a company filled with “B’s” […]

Retaining Top Talent with an Effective Employee Training Program

Retaining top talent at a small business can be a very challenging feat. Every day on LinkedIn, your “A” players are being hounded by recruiters offering the exciting opportunities that only working for large companies can provide. If you do no take this seriously, you can lose these valuable employees. Candidates state that one of […]

How to Create an Awesome Workplace

Have you ever had a job you didn’t like? I have and it sucks. What you don’t realize, is that it can impact other people when you don’t like your job. It made my spouse crazy because she wanted me to be happy, my friends were tired of listening to me bitch, and I was […]