Creating a great experience for our clients is our passion. We are emotionally invested in the success of our clients and their experience with us. When we perform our annual survey, we are on pins and needles hoping that our clients recognize our efforts to create an industry-leading experience that feels like it was made just for them. We hoped to be among the best payroll services for them — and we certainly were!

Below is a quick recap of our annual client satisfaction survey. We sent this survey to all of our clients and received a response from approximately 35% of our active clients. We are taking this information and using it to improve our systems and support. I thought it would be helpful to share it with you so you can see where we shine and where we are aiming to improve. 

Continuous Improvement

We have made substantial investments in our team, technology, and client support workflows over the last 24 months that continue to pay dividends. This includes the continued development and feature growth of our own software platform (Guhroo), improved weekly team training, additional support teammates, and a weekly focus on incremental improvements. 

We will continue to make improvements in 2021. We are specifically focused on how to help more clients get access to the data they need proactively and doing a better job of anticipating needs. We heard that we have done a fantastic job of being responsive but would like to make sure all of our clients know how and where to access all data. 


While we are certainly pleased with the results (we have one of the highest NPS scores in the industry), we recognize there is still a lot of room for improvement. We want to be the most trusted HR “Guhroos” in the country and it will take continued investment in our people and processes to get there. We are excited about the journey and what’s next. 

Please see the highlights of the survey and recaps of some of the questions along with insights into how we are going to improve based on the feedback our clients provided below. 


  • We had a Net Promoter Score of 69. The average net promoter score is 27. The average for our industry is even lower. What is a good NPS score? The score ranges from -100 to +100. In other words, 69 is fantastic making us among the best payroll services companies. We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to serve such a wonderful group of people. 
  • We went above and beyond this year to proactively provide guidance to our clients to navigate the CARES Act and PPP Loans. This was noted multiple times. We were happy to see the extra effort of our awesome team recognized.
  • The biggest theme in the responses was our responsiveness. Many participants mentioned how they never have to wait for responses and like being able to talk to the same group of people consistently.NPS survey results for ERG payroll showing a score of 69 compared to the national average score of 27

Below is a recap of several of the key questions asked in the survey:

An NPS Survey graph showing the results of how responsive ERG payroll is

We are really excited to see that over 75% of our clients found us to be extremely responsive in offering the best payroll services to them. We track our response times in real-time and understand how critical it is to get timely responses to your payroll and HR questions. 

After someone gave their NPS score, we asked why…

What was the most important reason for your score?

  • I like that I do not have to ask multiple times to get something done. Everyone is always so willing to help. That’s nice this day and time.
  • ERG consistently anticipates our business’ HR and payroll needs, communicates efficiently and effectively, and has always been eager and willing to help in any way possible. I have such peace of mind knowing our HR/payroll needs are taken care of because of the knowledge and experience of ERG staff.
  • One thing I appreciate is that whenever I don’t know how to do something or a question comes up, the ERG team is quick to respond and help me work through the issue.
  • ERG is friendly and easy to work with
  • They have always been helpful and responsive to us within 30 mins to an hour of whatever question I send them. If they don’t know the answer, they do their best to find an answer within a day or two.
  • Attentiveness of ERG employees to quickly resolve any issue that comes up.
  • Quick turnaround for questions; the help Matt provided during the PPP craze!
  • Always able to speak with someone when needed and prompt service.
  • Ability to respond in a quick manner to questions or concerns 
  • Excellent response time to concerns and listen for clarity of the client’s issue and provide a knowledgeable solution
  • Very friendly staff. Fast and knowledgeable responses to any of our issues. Great communication with the whole Team.
  • Response time and we get a live person who answers the phone when we call.
  • Ease of processing our payroll needs. Also, the fact that you are local and very supportive of the community!

What could ERG improve to make your experience better?

  • An app for smartphones for managers to be able to quickly review time off, approve requests, etc.
  • The only thing would be staffing services.
  • The ability to text questions instead of placing phone calls or email.
  • My employees always seem to have a hard time accessing their information because they have forgotten their passwords. Not sure how hard it would be to email them a copy of their checks with deductions etc. You may do that already. Just seems like 2 or 3 times a year they are asking me how to access their information. But you guys are always quick to get them the information when they ask for it.
  • Offer better training resources. Current ones are numerous (ERG Learn), but the classes are tedious and low quality—and too easy to make fun of and dismiss. Fewer classes and higher quality interaction would make these much better, and we’d PAY to have access to something like that.
  • Free cookies! And Better scheduling tools for businesses like ours. Can go into detail if necessary.

Additional services

This was a bit of a trick question. We offer everything on the list! Here are links to more about these services if you would like any help:

Overall, we are very happy with the results and want to make sure that we continue to provide the best payroll services at a high level of support at scale. Our “high-tech, high-touch” approach is one that requires great people and great technology. As mentioned above, we will continue to invest in both. 

Thanks for reading and for being part of the journey!


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