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Tired of worrying about HR compliance?

ERG provides HR outsourcing & business payroll services to help you simplify your HR processes so you can focus on what matters.


Are you looking to take the liability and time consuming process of payroll off your shoulders? Our small business payroll services are built just for you.

Health Benefits

Do you want to offer affordable benefits and completely offload the administration process? You can have your benefits handled with your payroll and HR for a seamless experience.

HR Outsourcing

If you don’t have an HR professional on staff or the budget for one, you should be worried about the liability. Use our HR outsourcing solutions to help you grow your small business.

“ERG has helped us more than we had even initially hoped. They have really been the payroll/HR dream come true.”

Sarah McCants, Royal Greens

Small Business Payroll & HR Services

  • People

    Our clients love their dedicated support partner that gets to know them and their unique needs. No ticket numbers or call centers here.

    Our business payroll services and HR outsourcing solutions are delivered by trained professionals that have an average of 12 years of experience practicing HR and can anticipate your needs before you have them.

  • Technology

    We are firm believers that your technology should work for you, not you for it. Our business payroll services and HR outsourcing solutions are built for small to mid-sized businesses.

    Our technology is built for ease of use and is used by over 75k companies nationwide.

  • Mission


      • Give You More Than You Pay For
      • Support Your Local Non-Profits
      • Help You Grow Your Small Business

    We donate 3% of all revenue to a local charity of your choice. It’s about you and your community.