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SCACPA and ERG Payroll & HR Partner to Bring Industry Leading HR Tools to SCACPA Members

Columbia, September 27, 2016: ERG Payroll & HR and the South Carolina Association of CPAs (SCACPA) have announced an exclusive partnership to bring valuable HR solutions and educational opportunities to SCACPA members. ERG provides a truly unique payroll and HR offering that is designed to help businesses save time, maintain compliance, and be a better employer. That is why the South Carolina Association of CPAs has chosen ERG to be the recommended provider of choice for their members.

“ERG and the South Carolina Association of CPAs share a common goal to equip and educate CPAs in South Carolina so they can provide better solutions to local small businesses,” said the South Carolina Association of CPA’s CEO, Chris Jenkins. “As our exclusive partner, ERG offers our members unique educational opportunities, payroll and HR solutions, and an opportunity to solidify their stance as a trusted advisor to their clients.”

“We are proud to partner with the South Carolina Association of CPAs. Their leadership team works diligently to provide value to the member base and are led by a philanthropic group of individuals that align with our core mission of serving our community,” said Matt Vaadi, president of ERG Payroll & HR.

ERG works with small to mid-sized businesses to deliver premium payroll and HR solutions. “Business owners continue to trust ERG during critical times in the lifecycle of their company. Whether they are trying to grow their business, maintain compliance, or they are just looking for better support, we are fortunate to keep growing the ERG family.”

ERG Payroll & HR has found a home in the South Carolina community. “Local businesses are a great fit for our services. We have a deep understanding of their unique needs and we are flexible enough to mold our service around those needs.”

The partnership is part of ERG’s goal to help local businesses grow through providing advanced payroll and HR tools, expertise, and service offerings that have typically been reserved for large corporations. “We have a simple mission: Help local businesses grow, create local jobs, and support local non-profits. When we partner with great organizations like the SCACPA, it allows us to do all three,” said Matt Vaadi, owner and President of ERG.

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ERG Payroll & HR is focused on simplifying human resource functions for small to mid-size businesses. Through their unique blend of technology and people, ERG Payroll and HR helps business owners maintain compliance, grow, and focus on their mission. Their suite of HR solutions ranges from online payroll and HR systems to fully outsourced solutions that give business owners their own dedicated experts to fill the voids in their organization. Regardless of where you are with your HR processes, ERG can meet you at your point of need. More at


Founded in 1915, the South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (SCACPA, is a statewide professional organization representing more than 4,000 CPAs and accounting professionals. Its establishment marked the emergence of accountancy as a profession, distinguished by its rigorous educations requirements, high professional standards, strict code of professional ethics, licensing status and commitment to serving the public interest.