Free Monthly Sales Training


Sharpen the Saw and Crush Your Quota.

Join us for free sales training the 2nd Thursday every month at 2pm EST (starting in August)


Do you want to improve your sales skills? Are you trying to improve or develop your sales process? Do you want to close more deals, faster? If so, this training is for you.

Being a sales professional or entrepreneur (the same thing) is the greatest job in the world because you control your own success. You decide how much money you make by your willingness to get better and focus on the right actions.

Join Matt Vaadi, CEO of ERG Payroll & HR, for free sales training to develop skills that will help you to close more business in an ethical fashion. Matt will share the methods and processes that have helped him close over $20 million dollars in new business during his career.

We will discuss the following topics (different each month):

  • How to get in more doors
  • How to execute better meetings
  • How to align with your prospects needs
  • How to manage your time
  • How to design a sales system for yourself or your business

Who should attend?

  • Sales professionals that want to close more business.
  • Small business owners who are trying to improve their top line growth.
  • Sales leaders who want to make their team better.

Why do we do offer free sales training?

“My sales career has brought more to my life than I could ever imagine. I am blessed beyond measure and want to pay it forward to other sales professionals.” – Matt Vaadi

About the Speaker

Matt Vaadi is a sales professional. He has worked in sales since 2003, which is pretty much the stone ages. His sales experience has ranged from frontline management of 50 employees to consulting organizations in the Fortune 500, as well as being a sought-after speaker. He has closed tens of millions of dollars in new business in his diverse career. He now serves as CEO at ERG Payroll & HR, an HR software company in Columbia, SC.

What people have said about previous trainings:

“He was an excellent, well-informed presenter. At first I didn’t think he would cover enough in the hour but he did a great wrap-up; answered questions with a little overtime.”

“Great webinar. Very well-versed presenter. Please keep me on your webinar list!”

“I thought that the presenter did a great job and was extremely informative. The quality of the information actually surpassed my expectations. It was one of the better webinars that I have attended.”